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About Us


(1) To reduce the suffering, disability and stigmatization of persons suffering mental illness by providing access to affordable care reflecting medical 'best- practices', and (2) conduct clinical effectiveness research in treatment of mental illness to ascertain 'best-practices' guidelines


To build a business entity achieving 'sustainable growth' which
(1) conducts clinical trials of intervention effectiveness in 'real world' patients afflicted with mental illness
(2) facilitates ascertainment of 'best practice' and 'cost-effectiveness' benchmarks
(3) assures integrity in trial conduct and protection of vulnerable human subject volunteers
(4) assures that participants have continued access to optimal care following their participation, independent of their financial/insurance status
(5) interacts with the government, research entities and advocacy groups to educate providers, patients and families with the research conclusions


(1) Customer (patient and family)- focus
(2) Empathy
(3) Scientific and personal integrity
(4) Ownership of both deviations and accomplishments
(5) Commitment to continuing education of self and staff
(6) Emphasis on research excellence and quality care as primary considerations

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Clinical Insights